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Parcel Carrier Audit Services

If you assume your customers are getting their packages on the day you specified (and paid for), you may be wasting money and losing customers.

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Carrier Rate Negotiations

Parcel carriers such as UPS and FedEx and all freight carriers create pricing agreements and contracts to maximize their own profitability.

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Freight Bill Audit

It’s easy to control the costs you can see, but what about those you can’t? Errors on your freight invoices are draining profits from your company.

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SRIIXON Consulting Private Limited, (SRIIXON) helps its clients reduce their shipping expenditures while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. Our expertise is optimizing the spectrum of transportation spending. Whether you have one shipping location or 50, whether you send goods via truck, rail, air or ship, whether you send goods to the next town or to the other side of the globe, let freight and logistics consultants at SRIIXON uncover hidden profits in your transportation and logistics spend.